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About Us

We live in Plattsburgh, NY along with three dogs, (Calvin, Buford and Polly) that are spoiled and rule our lives. We enjoy the variety of weather and seasons that this area offers. When our bodies allow us, we love to hike, kayak, cycle, cross country ski and run.

We grew up watching adults drink instant coffee and did not discover its diversity and variety until Kris worked for a retail coffee store. We love the fact that coffee can represent so many different concepts for people from a quick “pick me up” to a social gathering with friends and family. Kris loved the fun atmosphere of the store and how a simple cup of liquid could provide such pleasure to people. Ever since then, it has become a dream to someday open our own place and to learn as much as we can about coffee.


“I am very proud of the employees that work at Lakeside Coffee. We truly are a family.  The staff always provides excellent and friendly service. Because we are an independent and locally owned operation, we have the flexibility to make changes.  One area that we always strive to achieve greatness in is our food menu.  I am fortunate to have staff that often thinks of new ideas and recipes to try and the majority end up being huge hits with the customers.  We like to have fun at the shop and I believe it shows since we put lots of smiles on customers’ faces.”

  - Kris Duus, Owner